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German wheel-lock pistol, Radschloβpistole also wheelock wheellock,


 Danner, Nuremberg

inside compartment lid

























Nuremberg hunting wheel-lock pistol with matching powder flask and built-in key / spanner,
the fully shafted pistol is 24" long, the round barrel measures 14" with a proof stamp near the lock, near the butt of the stock is on the left side a compartment with a sliding gate, caliber  .68, the metal parts are kept in the white and show some patina, the varnished stock is deeply carved showing on the cheek piece a deer and floral on the flat sides. Under the barrel is the ramrod attached. For a pistol made circa 1610 in outstanding condition.
The powder horn is 9" long, made from horn with a key to tension the wheel. It is complete with often missing plug, and in fine condition.
The rare set is in good working order and in fine condition, especially it is more than 400 years old.    $10,000.







during the 17. Century in Germany made military wheel-lock pistol, probably made in Suhl, caliber .58 smoothbore, round barrel, external wheel, full stocked plain walnut with iron fitting to hold the ramrod, flared grip with massive butt cap. No visible markings. Over all length 25",  in working order and besides some pitting and minor dents in the wood in very good condition. Very rare is that a matching key coming with the pistol. It is attached with a chain on the right side.
The pistol was part of an very old German-immigrant collection    $10,000


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