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The following handguns are no longer available, buyer's privilege: no prices will be published.

Lefaucheux doctor's set

Danner, Nűrnberg / Nuremberg wheel-lock pistol

Day's Patent under-hammer cane-gun

Borchardt  by Loewe

Noël Gouery Rotovolver

 Rouchouse repeating pistol

Spanish 3 barrel revolver

Brun à Paris percussion revolver

 Lepage  Paris cased pair of muff pistols

Confederated pistol

Mannlicher model 1897

Kuhn, Besançon, odd system percussion pistol

Schilling 1878 very rare trial pistol

Union Firearms zigzag revolver

 Cogswell 9-shot pepperbox

Dreyse needle fire cased

 J. Sanders, Birmingham, sword-pistol combination


Webley RIC cased  retail Westley Richards

Frankenau purse pistol

 Sharps dropping block pistol

Bergmann 1896 model 3 with scarce holster

 A. Brecht in Weimar

Imperial Revolver Patent


Le Mat Civil War revolver

Clark, Memphis, Civil War Tranter

Mauser C96 # 2133


Pfeuffer in Stuttgart


 Mariette 12 barrel pepperbox


Jarre with 3 matching numbered harmonicas


 Colt Navy 1851 # 31376, cased

 WKC Weyersberg Kirschbaum hunting sword revolver

L. Haser in Bad Schwalbach

Ouvrier knife pistol with cork screw

 Dreyse needle fire revolver for Prussian Army

Butterfield Army revolver

Walch Ten Shot Double Hammer Percussion Pocket Revolver

  Le Mat center fire revolver

Devisme À  Paris exceptional quality pair of dueling pistols, cased

  Lancaster 2-barrel Howdah pistol

Connecticut Arms Hammond Bulldog

  Riffelman, Solingen pin fire revolver

  Adams Patent self-ejecting revolver with long dedication

small metal box with hidden single shot

Schulhof repeating pistols

Ehrenpreis Solingen 1869

Prototype pistol and revolver

Dumonthier pin fire revolver with mghty blade

 shooting riding crop

 Turner combination pistol

 Japanese Yatate

Galand "self-extracting" revolver

Rotovolver forerunner

Colt SAA serial #  61265

 single shot pocket knife with awl and cork screw

Deleaxhe knuckle duster with folding dirk

 Enfield 1883 "GOALS"

Løbnitz, Danish pistol

 Arendt, Liége

 Harrington cased volley pistol 1837

Lefaucheux 15mm  pin-fire revolver, cased

Lefaure dueling set

 Gasser revolver with extremely rare Tambour grip safety

Mannlicher model 1894

Remington Rolling Block pistol with military proof marks

30-shot pin fire

 key pistol

 Venditti repeating pistol

Colt SAA serial # 174131

 Braendin 4-barrel pistol in caliber .476

projectile pistol

 30-shot prototype revolver

Webley Fosbery .455

Grant Hammond

Tribuzio squeezer pistol


Beckhuson pair knife pistols

 Mars pistol by Gabbet-Fairfax

CRAUSE,  kingdom of Hannover  percussion cavalry  pistol with matching stock 1850

SAVAGE & NORTH NAVY second model “FIGURE 8” percussion revolver

Volcanic caliber .41 with 8" barrel

Dreyse target pistol *


extremely rare 21-shot revolver by Eugène Lefaucheux


 Garate 1895 gold inlaid shooting price

Adler self-loading pistol


Mariette 18-shot pepperbox


Lefaucheux model 1854 with extra barrel and stock in case



Deleaxhe knuckle duster with folding dirk



Der Neue Støckel


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