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 Adams 12717 made by Francotte

 Adams Patent self-ejecting revolver with long dedication 9

Adler self-loading pistol

Allen & Thurber cased pepperbox

Allen single shot pistol / derringer with barrel wrench

All Right Firearms vest pocket revolver

 Arendt, Liége o

 Baker transitional with bayonet + belt hook

Bascaran decorated pocket revolver

 Baylè 1879 wallet pistol

Beckhuson pair knife pistols d

Belgian cased engraved double action folding trigger

Berger 1881 repeating pistol

Bergmann 5 antique pistols

Bergmann 1896 model 3 with stripper magazine 2

Bergmann 1896 model 3 for 6.5mm Bergmann

Bergmann 1896 model 3 with scarce holster

Bergmann 1896 model 3, cased

Bössel in Suhl, cased pair n

Borchardt  by Loewe

Borchardt # 1599

Boutet cased pair

 Braendin 4-barrel pistol in caliber .476 d

 A. Brecht in Weimar d

Brun  Paris percussion revolver o

Büchel target pistol n

Butterfield revolver

Chicago  Firearms Co. Protector Palm Pistol

Chuchu 4-barrel tip-down pepperbox

 Cogswell 9-shot pepperbox

Le Mat just sold

 Colt Root # 12647, cased

 Colt Navy 1851 # 31376, cased

Colt Model 1851 for Prussian Navy

London Pocket # 6809, cased

Colt SA # 26376 with letter and holster

Colt SA  #  61265

Colt SA serial # 174131

Colt 3. derringer 15148, cased

Confederated pistol

Connecticut Arms Hammond Bulldog

CRAUSE,  kingdom of Hannover  percussion cavalry  pistol with matching stock 1850

Danner, Nűrnberg / Nuremberg wheel-lock pistol o

Day's Patent under-hammer cane-gun

Degueldre  self-ejecting pin fire revolver n

Deleaxhe triple combination knuckle duster

Deleaxhe knuckle duster with folding dirk

Deleaxhe knuckle duster with folding dirk

Dessagne pepperbox with screw-in dagger o

Devisme  à Paris exceptional quality pair of dueling pistols, cased n

 Dolne combination revolver with foldin ng blade and knuckles

 Dreyse revolver different models

 Dreyse needle fire revolver for Prussian Army

Dreyse needlefire revolver with attached loading lever

Dreyse needle fire cased

Dreyse Officer's model with double trigger and ejector

Dreyse 1883 Baby Reichsrevolver # 12

Dreyse target pistol

Duel pistols training pair

Dumonthier pin fire revolver with pointed blade

Dumonthier with etched blade, cased

Ehrenpreis Solingen 1869

 Enfield 1883 "GOALS"

Erfurt Arsenal Reichsrevolver with capture papers

Fischer, Berlin, "fingerless revolver"

  Frankenau purse pistol

Galand "self-extracting" revolver

 Garate 1895 gold inlaid shooting price

 Gasser revolver with extremely rare Tambour grip safety

Gaulois # 3 in decorative leather purse

Gelbke, Mobile, Alabama

Heinrich Genhart Rare Ten-Shot Turret revolver

Grant Hammond

 Hanquet Bréveté

 Harrington cased volley pistol 1837

L. Haser in Bad Schwalbach 9

H.D.H. 20-shot revolver, blue


  Hopkins & Allen, XL derringer

Imperial Revolver Patent # 1438

Imperial Revolver Patent # 6112

Imperial Revolver Patent no #

 Japanese Yatate

 Jarre cased with speed loaders

Jarre unique 3-shot gold decorated harmonica pistol

Jarre with 3 matching numbered harmonicas

Jarre 8-shot harmonica

 key percussion pistol

Kirschbaum, Solingen pinfire revolver

J. Adam Kuchenreuter pair of target pistols

Kuhn, Besançon, odd system percussion pistol 9

Kynoch / Schlund self extracting revolver

  Lancaster 2-barrel Howdah pistol

Lebeda À  Prag, pair

Lefaucheux model 1854 with extra barrel and stock in case

Lefaucheux revolver combined with a sword

Lefaucheux 15mm  pin-fire revolver, cased

Lefaucheux extremely rare 21-shot revolver

Lefaucheux doctor's set

Lefaure dueling set

 Le Mat different models

Le Mat # 767 Civil War revolver

Le Mat Paris # 1950 Confederate

Le Mat center fire revolver

Le Mat  engraved Baby with holster

 Lepage  Paris cased pair of muff pistols

Lepage-Frères, Paris, cased set

 Leue & Timpe Berlin target pistol

Liebaut Paris "Mohr's Head"

Lønitz, Danish pistol

 Lüneschloss in Solingen

Mannlicher model 1894

Mannlicher model 1897

 Mariette 12 barrel pepperbox

Mariette 18-shot pepperbox

 Mars pistol by Gabbet-Fairfax

Mass. Arms Single Shot Percussion Pistol with Maynard Primer

Mass. Arms revolver by Robert Adams patent d

Mauser revolver d

Mauser # 54 solid frame

Mauser C96 with matching stock

Le Merveilleux squeezer pistol

Merwin Hulbert with intaglio floral  engraving, cased

  Merwin Hulbert medium frame folding hammer

MITRAILLEUSE palm-squeezer repeating pistol

Montigny needle fire pistol

Moore, London, pair

Murdoch Scottish all-metal flintlock pistols

Noël Gouery Rotovolver

Noël Gouery forerunner Rotovolver

Ouvrier knife pistol with cork screw

Pfeuffer in Stuttgart

 Plant patent with additional percussion cylinder o

Probin, Birmingham o 1

projectile pistol

Prototype pistol and revolver

prototype pin-fre 30-shot

  prototype 30-shot revolver

Prussian cavalry model 1789

Prussian Marine / Navy 1848

REFORM repeating pistol

Remington Rolling Block pistol with military proof marks

Remington Rolling Block pistol with shoulder stock


Remington Double Derringer


Remington Zig-Zag-derringer


Remington Iroquois revolver

Riffelman with 7mm box

  Riffelman, Solingen pin fire revolver

 Robert  rare system breech loading pistol

Rotovolver forerunner

 Rouchouse repeating pistol

Rouchouse repeating pistol

 Salzburg or Bohemia made flintlock pistol

Smith and Wesson repeating pistol No. 1, forerunner of the Volcanic and Winchester

Smith & Wesson model No. 1 first issue revolver


S&W Model 3 Single Action Revolver


S & W New Model # 3 Frontier

S&W Schofield revolver military issued

 J. Sanders, Birmingham, sword-pistol combination

Sauer Bär Pistol

SAVAGE & NORTH NAVY second model FIGURE 8� percussion revolver

Savage "Figure 8"

Schilling 1878 very rare trial pistol


Schulhof's Patent unique pistol

Schulhof repeating pistols

Schwarzlose 1898 self-loading pistol


Sharps breech loading percussion pistol low # 58

 Sharps dropping block pistol

 shooting riding crop

 single shot pocket knife with awl and cork screw

 Slocum 1863 patent sliding sleeve revolver cased

small metal box with hidden single shot o

 Spangenberg & Sauer, Suhl n

Spanish 3 barrel revolver

Spies, New York d

R. Stahl in Hassfurt

Starr double action Army accepted


SUHL Reichsrevolver commission model 1879


Tanner in Hannover

Clark, Memphis inscribed Civil War Tranter n

Tranter double trigger revolver 4108T

Tribuzio repeating pistol

Turbiaux Le Protector

 Turner combination pistol o

Union Firearms zigzag revolver

Unwin & Rodgers

 Venditti repeating pistol


Volcanic pocket model cased

Volcanic 197 pocket model

Volcanic caliber .41 with 8" barrel

Walch Ten Shot Double Hammer Percussion Revolver

Webley Pryse, cased

Webley RIC cased  retail Westley Richards

 WKC Weyersberg Kirschbaum hunting sword revolver

Webley Fosbery .455


Werder Bavarian model 1869

Whitney "hooded" cylinder


Whitney "walking beam"

James Wilkinson & Son cased pair percussion pistols n

 Thos. Wilson in Liverpool 1

Heer, Der Neue Støckel

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