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Union Firearms zigzag revolver

Unwin Rodgers Sheffield knife pistol

Volcanic pocket model

Volcanic pocket model cased

Volcanic caliber .41 with 8" barrel

  Venditti repeating pistol

Walch Ten Shot Double Hammer Percussion Revolver

James Warner pocket percussion revolver

Weyersberg Kirschbaum hunting sword revolver

  Hopkins & Allen, XL derringer

Weber & Schultheis, Frankfurt

Webley 1853 patent "longspur", cased

Bavarian model 1869 pistol issued to the Chevau-Legers

  Rollin White for S&W

Whitney "hooded" cylinder

  Whitney "walking beam"

Wilcke, Stuttgart, 1880s

James Wilkinson & Son cased pair of identified percussion pistols

  Williams Howdah pistol

Thos. Wilson in Liverpool

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