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makers N, O and P


  National Arms .45 teat fire

  Nichols & Childs

Henry Nock London

  Samuel Nock London

No´┐Żl Gouery Rotovolver
Nogent, circa 1855, marked coutelier arquebusier à Nogent

Norwich Arms

Olry percussion pistol

  Oury's Novo

  Parkinson, Dublin

Passler & Seidl 1887 unique repeating pistol

  Pepper in Dublin

  Perrin revolver "Civil War"

  Perrin, Paris, revolver with dirk

Pettengill's Navy with split loading lever

Pfeuffer cased set German travelers pistols

  Pfeuffer in Stuttgart

PF = Pirlot Freres made pin-fire revolver with blade, cased

Pistor, Schmalkalden

Plant's front loading Army revolver

  Prescott experimental revolver ex Locke

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