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Rollin White,
StÝckel:  Williamstown, VT, 1817 - 1892, received April 3, 1856 the patent # 12648 for bored-through revolver cylinders and sold the patent to S&W. He went to court to sue Rollin White Arms for the not acceptable use of his patent. As a result part of their stock received the barrel inscription "Made for Smith & Wesson. By Rollin White, Arms Co. Lowell, Mass."



Made for Smith & Wesson. By Rollin White, Arms Co. Lowell, Mass.


 "Made for Smith & Wesson by Rollin White Arms Co. Lowell, Mass"

rare encountered inscription on the top flat of the 3" barrel. This bronze or brass frame revolver retains much of its silver plating on the frame although tarnished from age and blistered a bit in front of the cylinder. The  barrel has turned grey. The rosewood grips retain much of their original varnish and are free from cracks or chips but do show minor handling marks and a dark area on the left grip. The .22 caliber bore shows crisp sharp rifling with some oxidation. The seven chambers in the cylinder are clean and smooth. The butt of the frame is marked with the serial # 7545. This is an interesting  revolver and represents the relationship between Rollin White and S&W. Great piece for a collection of antique revolvers especially if you collect S&Ws! Flayderman's 8A-191: circa 5,000 made by Rollin White in 1864 - 1865, and part of those received the inscription.
While testing the function the cylinder stop blocked the movement and the revolver needs a little repair.      $550.

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