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Støckel: William Tranter Birmingham + London 1816 - 1890 received countless patents, his main patent is the double trigger revolver January 28, 1853, # 212;
Taylerson The Revolver, chapter XVIII,

Tranter # 7939, cased

Tranter model 1868

Clark, Memphis, Civil War Tranter











Tranter third model, serial # 16023T, caliber 54 bore,  retailer V. & R. Blakemore on bridge (Støckel circa 1867 in London)
6" octagonal barrel with fixed sight and left-side TRANTER Patent rammer, nicely engraved with circa 50% bright blue finish remaining, crisp checkered grip. Revolver in fine condition and good working order.
In a green baize wooden show case with bullet mold, marked Tranter's Patent and 54 (bore), not marked powder flask, screwdriver, oil can, ramrod, 3 tin cans, key. 
The case shows acceptable wear, over all fine condition.









the famous double-trigger model: pressure the rear trigger raised the hammer, whilst pulling the front-trigger discharges the piece. Serial # 4108T, cal. .40 percussion,
4 3/8" octagonal barrel with dove-tail front sight, on the left sight Tranter Patent ramrod and  a simple safety to block the hit of the hammer. The frame and trigger guard nicely engraved and blued, crisp checkered grip. Some parts of the finish  are peeled of, still circa 50% bright blue remaining. Fine condition and working order.
The revolver comes in a correct wooden show case with partitions in which is a marked bullet mold "80" and serial # matching to the revolver 4108. One rare oblong powder flask, one can for Tranter's lubrication bullets and another for Tranter's lubrication composition, screw driver with little screw-in oil-dipper  and a ramrod. The case in green baize, the lid has no inscription. There is one age-crack in the lid, other wise in very good condition.
A desirable and scarce set!   




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