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Tower, London,

Sea Service pistol, circa 1790, maker Tower and GR acceptance (GR = George Rex = King George III, 1760 - 1820), 9" round barrel with proof stamps, caliber .67 smooth bore, under barrel ramrod with brass tip, brass trigger guard, counter lock plate, butt cap and holder for ramrod slight engraved, lock with strong spring in good working order, fully shafted with RF stamped on left side, a military pistol in rare fine condition.    $3,000.






1800 dated British Service flintlock pistol with 8" round barrel, caliber .69, the lock stamped TOWER and GR with crown, the stock stamped 1800 and RC, the barrel and stock show proof stamps. full shafted, the iron parts have a brownish color, butt cap, trigger guard and shaft cap are, brass, swivel ramrod is under the barrel. The pistol with a strong spring is in good working order.
An excellent example of a much sought after  British military pistol.      $4,750.

GR = George Rex = King George III 1760 - 1820

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