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Joseph Tirebuck
StÝckel: mentioned 1812 - 1816, London, 50 Haymarket























an impressive pair of dueling pistols, marked on the lock Joseph Tirebuck, 50 Hay Market and gold inlaid on the barrel London, 10ľ" octagonal barrel with most of the brown striped Damascus remaining, caliber .62 smoothbore, locks are finely engraved showing their original light case hardening, with fancy hammers, hammer safety, waterproofed pans, golden touchholes, breeches with some case hardening and gold banded, stocks with distinctive saw handles are figured walnut with crisp checkering, butts show silver inlaid ring around the edge with silver inlaid plaque, silver escutcheon on the left side . The pair showing minor use and is considering its age in very fine condition.

The pair comes in a green inlaid show case, leather covered powder flask, scissor mold, rods, a leather pouch for flints and accessories,. The exterior of the case with engraved plaque showing an armored crest, and with protective brass mounts . It shows the expected use with some scratches, and considering the age in fine condition.

An impressive and desirable pair of dueling pistols.    $25,000. 


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