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John Thomas, Støckel: Birmingham, 1879 - 1884, his revolver with self-ejector patent # 779, dated 1869,  is produced by  Tipping & Lawden,
 Tipping & Lawden, Støckel: Birmingham and London,  1837 - 1877, after that taken over by Philip Webley & Son,
Taylerson, The Revolver 1865 - 1888: patented in 1869,
retailer JOHN HANSON, LINCOLN, Støckel: 1860 - 1868,

Thomas self-ejecting revolver, serial # 87 (according to former owner the lowest surviving #) caliber. 450, 5½" octagonal barrel with fixed front sight, a ball attached to turn the barrel 180 degrees for ejecting, on bridge over the cylinder retailer's JOHN HANSON, LINCOLN, rear sight on breech, on left side a safety to block the hammer, single and double action, crisp checkered grips and lanyard ring. The bluing is still strong and the cylinder shows case hardening. A very rare revolver in good working order and excellent condition.      $4,000.