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TSM marked ivory sheathed percussion pistol and dirk, 1850 - 1860s



unique ivory stocked percussion pistol with matching dirk, fitted with a smooth ivory grip, which is topped with a three-dimensional carving of a resting lion and an ivory sheath with a hanging ring on the back.
The percussion pistol, 6 7/8" in overall length, with a folding trigger and a striker that rests flush with the body when decocked. When closed and inserted into the sheath, the pistol could be mistaken for a knife. The sheath is fitted with a silver collar, which is stamped "TSM" on the rear. Very fine, with over 80% of the original blue finish, showing areas of brown patina and mild handling marks. The sheath shows a number of cracks and dings, with the hilt being very good with a well aged patina.
The dirk, 8 3/8" overall with a 4¼" drop point blade. The grip is decorated with a resting lion and a carving of a man's head. The blade is bright with some small chips on the tip and edge, light cleaning, and pitting concentrated towards the tip. A number of cracks are present in the ivory, which shows a pleasant aged color.
An unique and decorative set!    $8,500.  

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