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Stevens Arms & Co., Chicopee Falls, MA
StÝckel: mentioned 1864 - 1888 Joshua Stevens, 1888 - 1904 J. Stevens Arms & Tool Co., 1904 - 1919 J. Stevens Arms Co., then became SAVAGE ARMS Co.
Joshua Stevens 1814 - 1879, worked first for C. B. Allen

Belgian Stevens style target pistol,






came with the xase

Stevens style tip-down system target pistol, mandatory ELG on barrel, no maker's name or numbers visible, caliber .22 long, 10" round barrel with dovetail front sight and rear sight, on the left side a push button releases the barrel to tip-down for loading. While tipping down the barrel a device  automatically will remove the shell. The barrel shows more than 90% original bright blue, the receiver and butt straps are nickel plated and fine checkered grips. The pistol shows some scratches which are not avoidably in the long period of use. In good working order and very fine condition. (tag 1104)
The pistols comes in a plain wooden box with red lining,  a little gutta-percha box, cleaning rod and screw driver. Nice and rare set.    $1,650.

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