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Wenzl Sporer à Taus,
St°ckel: mentioned 1689 - 1720 in Bohemia / B÷hmen,




Wenzl Sporer
Ó Taus





Wenzl Sporer Ó Taus made flintlock pistol, 12" highly decorated Damascus barrel with an almost flat front sight, the lock is marked as shown on the picture, fully shafted with striped wood, decorated with brass plates, on the back strap is a nobility armor and on the butt a decorated cap, under the barrel is a ramrod with a horn tip, the lock with a strong spring is in great working order. On the breech is a # 2 meaning it is one of a pair. Exceptional workmanship and a fine condition pistol of a very rare Bohemian maker.    $5,500.


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