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Støckel: Christian Sharps & Co., received 1859 patent for the four-shot pistol,
Frank Sellers: Sharps Firearms,




SHARPS BREECH LOADING SINGLE SHOT PISTOL first type, caliber. 34. serial # 58, blue and color case hardened with 5″ tapered round barrel, brass post front sight and mounted with 2-piecc varnished walnut grips. Left side of frame is marked in an oval “SHARPS PATENT / ARMS MFED / FAIR MOUNT / PHIL’A PA.” The markings  are great and show no signs of wear. Frank Sellers: Sharps Firearms, page 109: These early ones are a bit different then the later ones having not been manufactured with a bolster, that only happened to approximate 75 of the Sharps percussion pistols. They are not often encountered. The action on this one is great, the lock up is nice and tight. The lever tension is tight and does not droop any. It is perfectly tight. The breech block is great as well. Flayderman’s # 5F-088: only 500 of these pistols were manufactured in the period 1854 - 1857.
This is a very fine condition clean example!      $10,500.

right side

left sde

the striker


20175 on butt cap

Sharps Model 2A with straight standing breech and straight grip to frame junction, matching serial # 20175, caliber .30 rim-fire, 90% deep high gloss blue on barrel-cluster. Perfect checkered gutta percha grips. Crisp tight action and excellent condition, truly exceptional.    $1,650.


Sharps four-shot pepperbox, matching serial# 2626, caliber .30 rim fire. About 80% deep glossy blue on 3" fluted barrel cluster, 80% silver plating on brass. The rounded grips with 25% remaining varnish. In good working order and excellent condition. The little pepperbox comes in a attractive case with oil bottle, key and some .30 caliber cartridges. The set was part of my friend the late Frank Sellers, who was probably the foremost authority on Sharps. Flayderman's 5F-079: model 2B. A desirable set!    $3,000.






















butt cap removed

SHARPS breech-loading single shot pistol, marked SHARPS RIFLE WORKS, PHILA. PA., serial # 701 on breech, cal. .36 percussion, 6½" barrel with fixed sights.  The action is a dropping block using the trigger guard as lever to open /close the action. The blue changed to a grayish but pleasant patina, under the barrel are a some dings, traces of case hardening remaining, varnished grips with some missing lacquer. Flayderman's # 5F-069: "only 350 made". Rare pistol in very good condition.    sold


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