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Schuyler, Hartley & Graham, New York,
Ýckel: 1856 - 1902,














 < fine rifling like the French officer's 1848


container with spring lid for caps ">

















circa 1860, a pair of officer's pistols, caliber .52 percussion, no serial #, 8Ĺ" octagonal barrel with fixed front sight and maker's name on top, fine rifling like the French officer's pistol 1848, browned barrel, the lock, hammer, trigger guard and butt cap nicely engraved, half stocked with checkered grip and flared butt. There are no proof stamps, therefore not made in England or Belgium,  made either here or in France. The function is perfect, the finish is good, but the wood shows some minor cracks. In a brownish inlaid case with mallet, caps container and ramrod. Some tools are missing. The case with an patriotic lid shows acceptable wear.
Rare American set    6,000.


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