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Valentin Christian Schilling,
StÝckel: circa 1849 in Suhl, Prussia, often abbreviated V.C.S.
later known as maker of the Reichsrevolver.

Schilling 1878 trial pistol

  V. C. S. = Schilling, pinfire revolver
















V. CHR. SCHILLING, Suhl, gold inlaid on side plate made peanut-size derringer, caliber .32 percussion,
2 Ĺ" hexagonal barrel on top with gold inlaid inscription   


The lock with side plate, hammer and trigger guard nicely engraved, the stock carved and with silver tacks decorated, the lock with "faux lock" to make it appear like it fires two shots. For this tiny derringer certainly uncommon set triggers. Without doubt one of the very best made and most decorative derringers!
Extremely decorative Lady's "peanut-size" derringer.    $4,000.

Google: JOSE MARIA RODALLEGAS silver smith in Mexico City, circa 1810 - perhaps related?


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