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J, Sanders, Birmingham
øckel: Joseph Sanders, Birmingham 1807 - 1825, 38 Suffolk St.
Birmingham Gun Board Proof House dates the manufacture between 1807 -1813 because the proof stamp,










sword-pistol combination by J. Sanders, Birmingham, with 17" blade, overall length 22½". Fastened to the blade  forward to the guard is a two-barrel flintlock pistol with 4" screw-off barrels, caliber .42, basket knuckle guard and pineapple shaped shell guard, a deeply and expertly carved iron eagle pommel of a seldom seen type, The neck feathers are inlet into the stag handle as is the single piece two-side lock plate and trigger. The left side of the grip reads J. Sanders engraved on a highly ornamented background. The pan reveals a double-pan feature enabling each barrel to be fired separately by moving the left-side lever 90 degrees. On the barrel are 3 proof stamps: P in oval, crossed scepters and crown over V. This kind of swords were a preferred weapon of the military and commercial navy. A scarce sword-pistol in good working order and considering its age in good condition.     sold

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