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Robbins & Lawrence,
Stockel: Windsor, VT, circa 1850 - 1856, closed in 1856,

the two triggers

Robbins & Lawrence 5-shot pepperbox in caliber .28 percussion. It has an ingenious revolving hammer and dual trigger mechanism. The ring trigger moves the striker inside the breech and cocks it, pulling the little single trigger hit the cap. A removable barrel group for loading from the breech, and a tip down breech for capping. The barrel ribs have address and patent markings, frame and breech section have scroll engraving. Flayderman's 7B-015. The pepperbox comes in a hardwood case with bullet mold, lead balls, extremely rare small powder flask with 3-line maker's  inscription, rare combination barrel wrench and bore rod and a cap tin.

Fine with 30% plus of the original brown finish, traces of original blue, dark gray and brown patina on the balance with scattered minor scratches. The grips are fine with minor handling and storage wear. Mechanically excellent. The case and accessories are fine. A very rare case with correct marked powder flask and the pepperbox in excellent working order! Very desirable!    $3,850.

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