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Ýckel: John Richards, London, Strand, 1783 - 1821, and  more family members until 1865, then changed into Westley Richards & Co.

lead balls in a bag



RICHARDS LONDON cased pair of side hammer box lock percussion pistols with swivel ramrod, caliber .38, 5⅜" octagonal barrels with London top flat and fixed front sight, Birmingham proofs. The breech inscribed Richards besides the rear sight, the lock, breech and back strap engraved and made and marked GERMAN SILVER. Checkered walnut bag shaped grips have cap containers on butts.

The pistols are housed in what appears to be their original walnut box with fancy bordered brass escutcheon on top engraved John Van Vorst. Interior is lined in purple velvet, and contains a copper bodied 3-compartment flask with acanthus embossing, two loading rods and some bagged balls.

The pistols are in good working order and also the case is fine condition.     $4,000.


























StÝckel: John Richards, London, Strand, 1783 - 1821
circa 1800 made caliber .80 flintlock pistol, smooth bore.
9" brass barrel with fixed sight, address and JR master stamps.
The lock shows the maker's name I. RICHARDS, push-safety and slightly engraved hammer. Also the trigger guard is engraved.
Full stocked with original ramrod.
The pistol shows minor wear, overall fine condition.     $3,325.





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