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Reid, James
Ýckel: James Reid, New York + Catskill, 1862 - 1873, receives 1863 a patent for a percussion revolver + Dec. 26, 1865 patent for the famous knuckleduster "My Friend"
Taylor G. Bowen, James Reid and his Catskill KNUCKLEDUSTERS.


MY FRIEND. PATD. DEC. 26. 1865.


MY FRIEND. PATD. DEC. 26. 1865. on right of bridge, matching serial # 11770, caliber .32 rim fire, 5-shot single action brass knuckleduster with spur trigger. A Later variation made without safety device but nicely marked,  New York style engraved on frame with a shield pattern checkering at butt.  Fine overall condition, with portions of silver wash finish remaining in protected areas. Scroll and vine engraving is very fine with a relatively large amount of coverage. The mechanics are excellent. A very difficult knuckleduster to acquire as the total production was approximately 2,900 made from 1870 to 1882. Rarely encountered in any condition. PROVENANCE: The Carmen Gianforte Collection with list of serial # in this range.
Flayderman's # 8A-148,

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