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P. Webley & Son, Birmingham
Ýckel: Philip Webley, 1852 - 1897
literature: The Webley Story by William Chipchase Dowell

Webley Pryse
StÝckel: Charles Pryse, received  15. Nov. 1876 patent 4421 for revolver mechanisms, the basic for the "Pryse" revolvers.


































Webley Pryse revolver, retailed by London Armoury, James Kerr & Co., on left side of frame serial # 1581 and caliber .450,  4ĺ" ribbed barrel with LONDON ARMOURY, JAs. KERR & Co. 65 KING WILLIAMS St and a pinned front sigh. On the breech the famous two levers to hold or release "tip down" the barrel with cylinder for loading. The bluing is partial faded, the grips are fine checkered. The revolver comes in a red inlaid case, Kerr's London Armoury label in lid, ramrod, brush and oil bottle. The revolver shows Belgian ELG proof stamps. Rare set in fine condition.    $4,850.

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