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PF = Pirlot Frères, Liège
Støckel: 1830 - 1879, association between Eugène Pirlot and Gustav Frères, delivers to the Swiss Army,

the One Dollar coin only for size comparison, not included

PF = Pirlot Frères made pin-fire revolver with blade serial # 1425, caliber 12mm pin fire, 5¾" barrel with typical high front sight, underneath a 7½  blade makred with R * M. The frame with straps, cylinder and barrel nicely floral engraved, plain ebony grips, lanyard ring. As fashionable at the time kept in the white. The revolver is in good working order and fine condition. It comes in a well made wooden show case with brown felt, ejector rod and screw driver. Interesting is that barrel and blade are forged out of one piece. The scarce and desirable set is in fine condition.      $10,500. 

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