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Pettengill, Charles
StÝckel: New Haven, CT, 1856 - 1862, received 22 July 1856 patent 15,388 and 4. January 1859 patent 22,511 for percussion revolvers which were built by Rogers, Spencer & Co.
Rogers & Spencer, Willowvale, NY, 1959 - 1865, started 1859 production of Pettengill revolvers, 1860 - 1863 Rogers, Spencer & Co.
Flayderman's 7A-077 "Navy model" early production with split loading lever, 250 made.


partial covered by trigger guard


split loading lever closed

split loading lever open

under barrel

on butt


on cylinder

inside grip

C.S. Pettengill double-action, percussion revolver manufactured by Rodgers, Spencer & Co. of Willowvale, New York, serial # 146, caliber .34. It has a 4½" octagon barrel, six-shot cylinder and the early "split" loading lever. Total production of the early revolvers with split loading levers is estimated at approximately 250 pieces. The revolver has a blue finish on the barrel, cylinder, frame and trigger guard. The split loading lever is blued. The two-piece grips have a high polish "piano" finish. The top of the frame is marked: "PETTENGILL'S  PATENT 1856" in two lines. "RAYMOND & ROBITAILLE/PATENTED 1858" is stamped in two lines on the bottom of the frame ahead of the trigger guard. The serial number "146" is stamped on the inside of the trigger guard, bottom of the barrel and loading lever spring, top of the loading lever, side of the cylinder, bottom of the frame and on the inside of the two-piece wooden grips. All of the visible serial numbers match. The revolver is all original and retains 60% plus of the bright original blue finish. Most of the high polish blue finish is present on the barrel. The finish on the frame and trigger guard has flaked leaving a good-looking silver-gray patina with traces of blue in protected areas. The cylinder has about 70% of the blue finish. Nearly all of the muted case colors are present on the loading lever. The grips are in very good condition and retain nearly 90% of the original finish. The markings and serial numbers are clear. This is a very fine example of a limited production, early style, C.S. Pettengill Belt Model Revolver, and in perfect working order.     $7,000.

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