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Passler & Seidl, Wien
Støckel: 1887 Franz Passler
Mötz and Schuy, Vom Ursprung der Selbstladepistole, pages 88 - 89, where THIS particular pistol is described and pictured,





Mötz and Schuy, Vom Ursprung der Selbstladepistole

PASSLER & SEIDL, Wien , extremely rare repeating pistol,

Serial# 28, caliber 7.5mm. Extremely rare Passler & Seidl with 6″ barrel fixed front and rear sight. The top of the frame is marked “WELT/PATENT/PASSLER & SEIDL/WIEN”. The rear of the barrel is marked “GUSS/STAHL” (cast steel) along with serial# 28 that is repeated on the forward frame and on the right side of the tensioning lever. When manufactured, the barrel was browned, the bolt was in the white, while the balance of pistol was color casehardened. Function is similar to the Schulhof pistols. Feeding is from a stripper magazine inserted at the bottom of the frame with a long spring-loaded arm to ensure positive feeding. There is no safety. Grips are finely checkered panels secured with a single transverse screw. Provenance: ex-Visser Collection and ex, Collection of Dr. Geoffrey Sturgess. Additional described and pictured in the book by Mötz and Schuy, Vom Ursprung der Selbstladepistole, pages 88 - 89, origin of the self-loading pistol.
As fashionable the pistol was produced in the white "weiβfertig", now showing minor patina. Original wood grips with most of the finish. Blunted checkering showing only a few handling dings and no cracks. Bright bore with strong rifling. Perfect manual mechanics. An early, unique and interesting repeating pistol in fine condition!    $18,500.

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