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OUVRIER = workman










Ouvrier, in English "workman"
very pretty small pocket-knife-pistol with 4" / 105mm round barrel for caliber .32 percussion, smooth bore, one shot in single action, combined with a 4½" folding knife, a 2" folding cork screw with functions also as trigger and a 4" folding  hook-shaped device to defuse.  All the metal parts are nickel plated.
The mountings are engraved in foliage and an escutcheon, the panels are made from ivory-colored gutta-percha nicely engraved  with hunting scenes, on the right side an archer and on the left side a hunter with rifle and the name “Ouvrier”.
The knife pistol is stored in a rawhide case.
According to the seller under the plate is engraved "Boden". Støckel lists J. Boden, Liège, circa 1847 - 1851, which is correct for a percussion arm.
All parts of the are in perfect working order, it is unique and in excellent condition.   

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