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D. D. OURY Bte, Liège, maker of Le NOVO and NOVO revolvers,







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D. D. Oury's patent NOVO, 5-shot vest-pocket revolver, marked on left side CAL. 6.35 (6.35mm = .25 ACP), no visible serial #, 1¼" blued barrel with fixed front sight. Turning a lever on the right side enables to pull the barrel and  cylinder for loading, folding  grip and trigger for easier carrying. The frame is vividly case hardened, the grip with embossed vines. In perfect working order, a rare and desirable oddity in excellent condition. Additional a well fitting leather purse.        $3,600.


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D. D. OURY Bte. = Dieudonné Oury Bréveté, patented LE NOVO hide-away / vest pocket size revolver,  mandatory Liège’s ELG proof stamps on frame, 6-shot cylinder and barrel, cal. 5mm Le Novo (Brandt # 10A), 1d" barrel. Frame and barrel are made from steel, engraved and plated, the grip is embossed brass with embossed LE NOVO. The grip can be folded covering the pistol, the trigger can be folded. After turning the lever on the right side it is possible to pull the cylinder for loading.  The tiny guy is in excellent condition and extremely rare in engraved, the only "six-shooter" my friends and I saw.          wanted


Le Novo and Novo revolver invented by D. D. Oury

the first is the earlier and scarce type,
six shot-cylinder in 5mm Novo,

the second is the later more common type,
five shot-cylinder in 6.35mm  = .25 ACP

some I found with retailer names like Galand and HDH


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