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Norwich Arms Co.
Donald Webster, Suicide Specials book, page 99: "made by Bliss & Goodyear, Norwich, Conn., F. W. Hood controlled Norwich Arms and had made these arms by contract."

The one dollar coin is not included.

PAT'D APR. 23 1876

Rare DeGress Grips Engraved Antique Norwich .32 Very Desirable Tiffany Grips Hound and Hare Chase

Norwich Arms Co. caliber .32 rim-fire revolver with very rare DeGress “Tiffany” high relief grips, featuring a hound giving chase to a hare. The grips were made by Francis DeGress. He patented his method for making them in 1874. These revolver were sold both in the U.S. and out of his store, Wexell & De Gress, in Mexico City. Typically, one finds these grips on arms with more recognizable names such as Colt and  Marlin. However, in this instance, DeGress chose the relatively obscure Norwich Arms Company.

This revolver is of the “spur trigger” variety that were very popular in the late 19th century. It is chambered in .32 rim fire and holds 5 cartridges. About 60% of the frame and barrel are roll engraved and each of the grip panels features the same hound and hare chase scene. The top of the 2¾"  barrel is marked NORWICH ARMS Co. .32 and the left side is  marked with the patent dates PAT'D APR. 23 1876. .

Its also comes with an original purse-style holster and an article from the Powder Flask column of The Gun Report publication regarding DeGress “Tiffany” grips. Several different styles of grips and gun makers are noted, including one like this. The hound and hare grips are actually pictured in this article and the revolver they came off was a Norwich Arms Co.

This specimen is in overall fine condition. The original finish is 70% intact. The markings are clear. The bore and chambers are in good condition. The action is very good.    $1,775.

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