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NoŽl Patent
Ýckel: Pierre Jules NoŽl, Paris, received 1865 patent for revolver with flat cylinder,



























NoŽl Patent revolver, also called ROTOVOLVER, serial # 123,

The unusual model  is operated by pulling the folding trigger double-action only which raises and drops a side-hammer on the fulminate cartridge and also revolves the ten-shot turret. By opening a large gate on the left  side the cylinder  can be quickly withdrawn for loading or replacement with another.  The barrel  is stamped on the left side "Systeme A. NoŽl"  and on the right side with the maker's name "J. F. Gouery Ganat & Co.  Paris".  The frame is kept in the white as common at the time and is fully scroll engraved  and fitted with two-piece carved walnut grips. The caliber is approximately 7.5mm = .30. Very fine condition and working order.    sold

forerunner of the NoŽl's  "Rotovolver"
by  Pierre Jules NoŽl












the description of Lewis Winant's Firearms Curiosa, # 230, pages 203 and 204


It is probably the forerunner of the "Rotovolver" by  Pierre Jules NoŽl and J. F. Gouery, Paris, 1865.
In US called turret revolver, in Great Britain radial revolver.
There are only a few pieces known, and this is the "only one" in caliber .38 with 5-shot-cylinder.       sold

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