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  Samuel Nock London


H. Nock
St�ckel: Henry Nock, London, 1741 - 1804, uncle of Samuel Nock, who took the business over after his dead,

This is a very interesting pistol. It has two 2�" screw-off barrels, one trigger and one flintlock. The interesting part is the pan. It rotates via a small lever on the left side. When rotated another charge is made available for the second shot. Overall length of the pistol is about 7". Grips are in untouched condition and are in nice shape. The frame is engraved with H. NOCK on the left side and LONDON on he right. British proofs will be found on the underside of the frame just forward of the trigger guard. Action is smooth and tight. It works perfectly. Another interesting feature is the safety which works as it should on half-cock. Caliber is .44. It was made by a very well known very accomplished gunsmith. Both barrels are easy to remove for loading.    In very good condition.      $2,000.
















A Pair of English Percussion Pistols by Henry Nock

The pistols are 15⅜" in overall length with 9�" octagonal Damascus barrels with fixed front sight, caliber .60 percussion smoothbore. The barrels are engraved "London" and have patent breeches. The lock plates have light engraving and safety bolts, they are marked "H. NOCK". The walnut half-stocks have finely checkered bag shaped butts, iron trigger guards with martial panoplies engraved on the bows and pineapple finials, horn for end tips and small rectangular silver escutcheons engraved with a family crest. The pistols are equipped with sights and set triggers. Most of the metal is gray with a strong Damascus pattern visible on the barrels, the engraving is in fine condition and only minor oxidation is evident. One stock has an age crack completely through the lock recess but nothing is loose. The other stock is missing a splinter on either side of the for end at the front of the barrel channel. Both stocks show light handling marks with the checkering in fine condition, original ramrods are present but one is missing a tip. The pistols were made by Henry Nock as flintlocks, and circa 1850 most probably by Nock's master shop converted to percussion
A desirable pair    $4,500.


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