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National Arms Co. Brooklyn, NY
øckel: mentioned 1864 - 1869, makers of revolvers after the patent of David Williamson, Jan. 5,  1864 # 41184, successor of Moore's Patent Firearms,

























◄ small hole for teat of cartridge

































large frame teat-fire revolver  in caliber .45 teat fire,  7�" round and octagonal barrel on top with inscription 


matching serial # 4, 6-shot cylinder, iron frame with cartridge ejector like the better known smaller size Moore teat fire revolvers,  very fine two-piece bird head ivory grips, lanyard. The metal parts retaining a salt and pepper gray patina mixed with  traces of blue. This revolver is in fine overall condition. Extremely rare, probably only 4 pieces are known from which 2 are in museums. Additional 6 very rare empty .45 shells.
Flayderman's # 8A-101.     $13,850.



a unique cartridge to get around the . Rollin White  patent owned by  Horace Smith and Daniel Wesson, proved very popular during the Civil War, with both soldiers and civilians. The teat-fire cartridges did not have a rim at the back like conventional cartridges, but were rounded at the rear, with a small "teat" that would protrude through a tiny opening in the rear of the cylinder. The priming mixture was contained in the "teat" and when the hammer struck it, the cartridge would fire.


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