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Gebrűder Mauser, Oberndorf A/N (am Neckar)
Ýckel: Paul Mauser 1838 - 1914, constructor
Wilhelm 1834 - 1883, constructor, businessman
űder Mauser & Cie 1874 -


1175 . on cylinder

. 175 inside frame

factory engraved Mauser model 1878 zigzag revolver, serial # 1175, in caliber 7.6mm, 3¾" ribbed barrel with fixed front sight and maker's name on flat. On left side of the frame is a lever with a blade reaching into the rim of the cylinder to safely open the frame and blocking the movement of the cylinder, or after pushing the other way blade out of the cylinder and enabling it to be revolved.  The zigzag grooves in the outside of the cylinder are used when one cocks the hammer and a stud from inside the frame moves inside the groove and turning the cylinder 60 degrees. There it will stay until the hammer is released. The revolver is nickel plated, the lever, cylinder and hammer are gold washed, perfect gutta percha grips, in fine condition
and good working order. 

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