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MASS. ARMS CO. Chicopee Falls, MA,
Ýckel: started in 1851 Maynard Primed revolvers.

MAYNARD, Edward,
StÝckel: receives 1845 patent for Maynard tape primers.






Mass. Arms Co. belt revolver with Maynard tape primer and a tube of caps for primer, along with flask, original Mass. Arms brass mold, key and cleaning rod. 95% etched cylinder scene, 80% deep 5" barrel blue, 95% tarnished silver on back strap and trigger guard. The frame shows 80% thinning blue, functional. Fine to excellent overall. Cal. 31 percussion, serial # 254 on breech, hand-revolved with cylinder release button inside trigger guard to avoid Colt's patent. Flayderman's # 7A-057.
Very rare and highly desirable set     sold




on back strap
JAN. 2. 1855


MASS. ARMS CO. Maynard Primed pocket revolver, serial # 422, caliber .28 percussion, 3" round barrel with fixed front sight, engraved lock and etched cylinder, ivory grips, in fine condition and good working order. In fine condition show case with brownish velvet lining, correct embossed flask, brass bullet mold for round ball, scarce marked tin can with two rolls of primers.
Flayderman's # 7A-059, a rare set in fine condition.    $6,500.


Mass. Arms bought the right to manufacture this revolver from the Robert Adams, London, StÝckel: 1809 - 1870. Therefore on top of the bridge is the 3-line inscription

PATENT MAY 3, 1853. JUNE 3, 1856, APRL 7, 1857.

The revolvers  were manufactured from 1857 - 1861. 3ľ" octagonal barrel fixed front sight. This is an early 4-digit serial #1193.  It was one of the first successful double action revolvers with a five shot cylinder in caliber.31. There is a push-safety on the right side and a Kerr-patent-style ramrod to the left side of the barrel. Many of these were carried by Union soldiers during the Civil War. Comparing the picture to Flayderman the cylinder pin is different and probably a replacement. Flayderman's # 7A-060. The rare revolver shows use, NRA "good" condition.
With the the revolver comes a fine condition powder flask.    sold   

on top flat




sapwood, the left panel is one piece of wood, please explanation in Wikipedia


Mass. Arms Co. Single Shot Percussion Pistol with Maynard Primer, serial # 62 under barrel, caliber .31, 2½" barrel with fixed front sight and on top flat two-line maker's inscription "MASS. ARMS CO./CHICOPEE FALLS" and on the gate for the primer "MAYNARDS PATENT/SEP. 22, 1845". Standard broad leaf scroll engraving on the left side of the frame and on the primer door. Fitted with smooth two-piece varnished grips numbered to the pistol. The pistol retains 60% original blue finish with the balance a smooth brown patina. The hammer retains 60% original case colors. The grips are very fine with some minor handling marks and most of the finish remaining. The left panel has a large section that is much lighter in color. This is sapwood, not a repair; the left panel is one piece of wood. Mechanically fine.
Flayderman's Guide 7C-029: made in the late 1850s, estimated 250 pistols made