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C. Martinier
StÝckel: Martinier-Collin, St, Etienne, 1880 - 1882, constructs machine-rifle,
Le "Qui est qui": fabricant in St. Etienne, 1860 - 1882,
Le "Qui est qui": Michel Javellle,  armurier de  St. Etienne, 1860 - 1880,


in oval C.M. & F.J.


the ejector


pushed into the cylinder and revolving it

the tip pushed through

the ejector dismounted

system open


C. MARTINIER and FABRIQUE DE ST. ETIENNE marked revolver, serial # 361 on  left lug, army caliber 11mm French. 5¾" octagonal barrel with dovetail front sight and notched rear sight on breech, maker's name on right and left side. Under the barrel is an interesting and  weird ejector system: while pushing it backwards to take out the shell the tip at the end moves into the cylinder and automatically revolving it. In front of the frame is additional JAVELLE BTE. stamped; apparently Javelle created it. Another advantage: on the back of the frame is a push button which opens the system. Like the French army revolver models 1874 the metal is kept in the white.
The identical revolver is pictured on the website http://littlegun.info/. There it is called "Javelle Warnant".
In more than 50 years of collecting it is the first time I see this system. In good working order and excellent condition.    $3,250.

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