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Støckel: Alexander Martin, Glasgow / Scotland, 1835 - 1903, since 1835 member of the guild.



escutcheon, push safety

blade swung out, deep rifling for screwing the barrel on and off

Birmingham proof stamps under barrel

hammer cocked, nipple

tiny 2¾" powder flask

case with all screw heads parallel, escutcheon


MARTIN, GLASGOW, during the 1850 - 1860s period made pair of percussion pistols with vicious swinging out 2" bayonet after pulling back the trigger guard, no visible serial #, caliber .52, 3½" screw-in browned barrels with Birmingham proofs, the nicely engraved lock kept in the white, German silver escutcheon on the back of the plain grips, for the period typical British push safety, with strong springs in good  working order. The rare Scottish case with pistol, tiny 2¾" powder flask, container with caps and oiler  are desirable and in fine condition.    $5,850.     

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