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Loron Bréveté
Střckel: Pierre-Antoine Loron, Versailles, 1843 - 1880,
Le "Qui est qui": Loron holds 11 Belgien patents 1855 - 1880,

Loron Bréveté, serial # 4922, caliber 7mm pin fire, 4" octagonal barrel with high front- and rear sight, on top inscribed Ruby Bté. À Bourges (probably a retailer) The specialty of Loron is the left side lever, which after pushing downwards enables the cylinder to move forward, then removing for loading. Very simple but effective. Additional the lever functions as ejector. The metal kept in the white, the system is deeply engraved, folding trigger, with ebonized grips. The revolver is in good working order, excellent condition and rare.    $2,250.

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