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Lepage Frères

Lepage à Paris






the wedge on the barrel fits into the multi-purpose tool to screw the barrel in or out




LEPAGE A PARIS marked pair of muff pistols, caliber .44 percussion, 1½" round turn-off-barrel, the metal kept in the white and is polished bright, the hammer is checkered, nicely engraved including the folding trigger, crisp checkered ebony grips with floral pattern near breech. No serial #. Liège proofed, like often made there and sold from the Paris shop. The pair are in good working order with strong springs and in very fine condition.
In a brass accented rosewood veneered case with blue velvet lined French cut interior, with spaces for the pistols, a combination bullet mold with barrel wrench, an ebony cap box and a pair of lidded compartments.
A decorative and desirable set !   sold


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