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StÝckel: mentioned 1842 - 1865 in Paris, 8 rue de Richelieu, Arquebusier du Roi et des Princes,




























Lepage Moutier Arq. du Roi et des Princes,  StÝckel:   1842 - 1868 Š Paris,   signed only until 1848 Arq. du Roi et des Princes, = gun maker for the king and princes, heavy double-barreled pistol, the barrel made and marked by
Leopold Bernard in 1847, StÝckel: 1840 - 1855 barrel-maker Š Paris,
and numbered 4794 under the ramrod, smooth bores caliber .70 percussion,
7" barrels over and under, two hammers with one trigger, pulling the first time the hammer hit the right piston. The breech, butt cap, hammers and trigger guard nicely engraved, fine wooden grip.
Exceptional "hand-cannon" / "Howdah"  in good working order and very fine condition.    











































hammer cocked























cylinder open for loading













exceptional high condition revolver by famous Parisian maker Lepage-Moutier. In the right grip is a decorated inlay supposedly for Austrian Royalty. The caliber is circa 9mm, the octagonal barrel 110mm with dovetail front sight and gold inlaid maker's name. The bright blue revolver is all over gold decorated, the great outstanding carved grips are from ebony. After partial cocking the hammer one can tip the cylinder sideways for loading. The revolver shows very minor wear, functions perfect and not exaggerated, it is a unique specimen.     part of my collection




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