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Col. Le Mat - Jean François Alexander Le Mat
øckel:  born 1824 in Paris, moved 1840 to New Orleans, receives 1856 patent for his revolver where the base / cylinder pin is also used as a buckshot barrel.
The revolvers started to be made 1859/1860 by Dr. Girard, Paris. The pin fire were made 1863 - 1865.
Valmore J. Forgett with Alain and Marie Serpette's book Le Mat, The Man, The Gun. 
Somebody told me during the Civil War was an order for these revolvers but no evidence of deliveries yet.
A small number of LeMat revolvers were chambered for the 12mm  pinfire cartridge adopted by the French military circa 1857.




hammer hit pin fire

hammer hit shot shell



crown EL

pin fire loaded

ELG proof stamp
a 12mm inserted

 Le Mat pin fire revolver manufactured in Liege, Belgium, between 1863 and 1865. The revolver has a 6½ inch octagonal barrel and nine shot cylinder chambered for the 12mm pin fire cartridge and fluted nine-shot cylinder along with the distinctive Le Mat 4½ inch 20 gauge smoothbore "grapeshot" barrel. The percussion grapeshot barrel is fired by a pivoting firing pin on the hammer. An ejector rod is mounted on the right side of the frame with two screws. The revolver has a side-swinging loading gate on the right side of the frame, round trigger guard and butt with integral lanyard loop. The right side of the barrel is marked "COL A. LEMAT BTE." behind the ejector rod. The Liège ELG proof mark is stamped on the rear of the cylinder. The left side of the frame is stamped with the number 174066 and  crowned/EL is stamped on the left side of the barrel. The serial number 3103 is stamped on the lower right side of the frame. The revolver has nicely figured walnut grips with fine checkering.
The serial # 3103 is only one # away from the # 3102 described and pictured in Forgett's book. Here is also stated that the maker jumped 3,000 number to the actual serial#, meaning this is only the 103rd piece produced. Not many revolvers were made in this configuration. A similar revolver in the NRA Museum.
The revolver is in good working condition, but the original bluing suffered through bad storage and shows a few patches of light rust. NRA "very good" condition.    $18,000.
Interestingly: the crowned EL is the trademark of Eugène Lefaucheux and the # 174066 is placed were Lefaucheux put their #.



























ELG proof stamp and V with crown for inspector













◄ COLL. A. LE MAT BRTE.   123

, a very rare  pin fire variation, serial # 123, caliber 12mm in the 9-shot cylinder and 14mm buckshot in the cylinder axis. The firing pin can be easily switched. The revolver is now blued, but my experience is, that those were kept in the white - therefore I presume somebody cleaned the antique and blued. The bluing might be by Bannerman around 1900. According to my sources the Richmond Arsenal ordered for the Confederated Army percussion and also pin fire revolvers.  The revolver is in good working order, the condition is NRA very good. There are less than ten pieces known to exist, 5 are listed in the book by Forgett + Serpette, Le Mat, The Man, the Gun, page 86 - 95, 186 - 18.
A similar revolver in the NRA Museum.    


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