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Lefaucheux 1854 with percussion inserts

Swedish army model 1863

Lebaron high quality Lefaucheux revolver with case

 Le Mat pin fire revolver

15mm  pin-fire by Lefaucheux à Paris

Støckel: Casimir, Paris, over takes in 1825 the patents of Roux and Picherau and develops in 1837 the famous pin fire cartridge.
his son Eugène Gabriel, Paris and Liège starts in 1854 the construction of the Lefaucheux revolver. His often used trade mark is LF and later EL
please see www.lefaucheux.net

cartridge carton not included

b , c

8530 - 8531

Lefaucheux model 1854 single action, # 8530 and 8531, a pair of consecutive numbered and profusely factory engraved 12mm pin-fire revolvers, 6" barrel with deep inscription E. Lefaucheux à Paris and typical high front sight,  ejector and lanyard ring, plain lacquered grips. On left side of frame the E. Lefaucheux Bréveté "B.S.G.D.G."inscription. The decorative pair showing minor usage but are in excellent condition. Consecutive pairs are extremely rare!
The revolvers come in a French fit green inlaid show case with ramrod, 2 screw drivers, a little oilcan and key. The case also shows little wear. Unfortunately the hinges are damaged - however an exceptional rare and attractive set!       $8,000.


Lefaucheux Model 1854 Single Action Pinfire Revolver, serial # 35982, caliber 12mm,  6 3/8" round barrel with swallow tail front sight, about30% bluing remaining, plain walnut grips, metal butt cap. The right side of the frame is marked "LF 35982," and the left side has "E. LEFAUCHEUX" in an arch.  Civil War literature: Federal Purchases of pin fire revolvers: LEFAUCHEUX marked 12mm revolvers, 11,833 pieces probably in the serial # 25,000 - 37,000. This put this revolver into the batch delivered to the North, It is rare, in good working order and fine condition.    $1,700.

crowned EL


case hardening

ELG proof with maker's and inspection stamps

crowned EL = Eugène Lefaucheux made 9mm pin fire revolver, serial # 187691, 4¼" barrel with typical high front sight and maker's crowned EL on lug, under barrel ejector rod, six shot cylinder with mandatory Belgian ELG proof. Better than 95% glossy bluing remaining and the frame shows intense case hardening, with the frame in two parts and a more intricate lock mechanism, that provides a very smooth working (similar to the Javelle and others). That and 1st grade walnut roots grips were reserved for top grade revolvers. In good working revolver and excellent condition    $1,750.

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LF 305

20-shot cylinder

20-shot Lefaucheux revolver marked with LF trade mark in front of serial# 305, caliber 7mm pin fire, two 6" over and under barrels with typical high front sight, cylinder inner row for 10 cartridge and outer row for 10, the hammer with 2 noses hitting either the outer or inner row, folding trigger, ivory grips with lanyard ring. With about 80% original bright blue remaining the revolver is in fine condition.  Unfortunately the hammer will cock but not stay in position for in single action, double action works.
The revolver comes in a green inlaid show case, with some usage acceptable for one circa 150 years old, Very desirable!      $9,250.


Lefaucheux 9mm pin-fire revolver, serial # 225726, 5" barrel with typical high front sight and notch for rear sight in hammer, the maker's patent inscription on the left lug, frame and cylinder with decorative silver inlays, the metal parts show at least 70% original bright blue, very attractive carved ebony grips, ejector housed under barrel, lanyard ring. On cylinder Liège ELG proof stamp with  controller's initial controller's initial crowned V.
The good looking revolver is in good working order and fine condition.    $1,500.





crowned EL

on cylinder mandatory Belgian proof stamp ELG*

9mm cartridge inserted

leather covered and stud decorated carrying case


EL marked = Eugène Lefaucheux made 9mm pin fire revolver, serial # 271726, 3½" barrel with typical high front sight, barrel and system kept in the white and the cylinder bright blue, nicely engraved, lacquered grips with lanyard ring, the antique is with more than 80% original finish in very fine condition. It comes in a leather covered and stud decorated carrying case with red lining. The case shows expected usage     $1,500.

number and ELG proof stamp on cylinder

the 7mm cartridge only for measurement, not included

E. Lefaucheux made and marked 7mm pin-fire revolver, left side serial # 169796, right side # 2781, during the 1860s, cylinder with mandatory Belgian proof stamp ELG, 3½" barrel with dovetailed front sight, frame and cylinder nicely floral engraved, well over 80% original bright bluing remaining, crisp checkered grips, folding trigger, in good working order and in excellent condition. The revolver comes in a well made all around stud decorated leatherette and carrying grip, blue lining with key.
An attractive and highly desirable set!     $2,750.




9mm pin fire revolver, on lug marked EF for Eugène Lefaucheux, during the 1860s, # 185497 on left side of frame, 6" barrel with typical high front sight, frame, cylinder  barrel and trigger guard made from brass with rather distinct and unique engraving, plain wooden grips. The function is perfect and the revolver in excellent condition. It comes in a well fitted presentation pipe case with blue lining. The case shows some acceptable wear considering it's age of 145 - 150 years. A decorative and very rare set.    $5,250.

the following are sold, for information only

trademark over LF =  Lefaucheux

with adjustable rear sight, screw-in front sight and additional barrel

shoulder stock


Lefaucheux revolver model 1854, single action only, serial # 178, caliber 12mm pin fire, 7½" round barrel with screw-in front sight or extra 8" barrel, the frame, cylinder and other parts nice deeply engraved, plain wooden grips. In the back strap a provision to hook-in a shoulder stock. The set with key, cleaning rod, oil can and screw driver in a ebony case with lid decorative intertwined letters. While the revolver is in exceptional condition and perfect working order the out side of the show case shows some scratches which after being about 160 years around seem acceptable.
A unique set!     sold




E. Lefaucheux à Paris



LF 8254


7mm cartridge inserted






E. Lefaucheux a Paris manufactured combination weapon combines a 7mm pin-fire six-shot revolver and a short bladed sword, serial # LF8254 (LF for Lefaucheux). The blade is 18½" long with short double fullers leading to single fullers which run the rest of the length, panels of etched scroll work on each side, an etched scene of a deer in the woods on the left ricasso and retailer "ALFREDO HEROUARD/LIMA" on the right ahead of the revolver barrel. The barrel runs along the right side of the blade, and is signed E. Lefaucheux a Paris on top, the serial number and a swivel ejector rod on the front of the cylinder, a hinged loading gate at the rear, smooth hooked trigger and a checkered hammer. The solid silver guard and pommel cap are engraved with scroll designs, and the grips are checkered ebony with a silver finished escutcheon. With an engraved silver fitted black leather sheath. Identical sword complete with Herouard retailer mark and sheaths are pictured # 242in H. Gordon Frost “Blades & Barrels” as former part of his collection and in Chris Curtis book "The Pin fire System" as # 2-50 and 2-51. In very fine condition with a deep aged patina on the silver components and a mixed gray patina on the steel, with a few areas of mild pitting and handling marks. The grips are fair with mended cracks on the right panel and some light chipping and pressure dents. Sheath is fine, with exception of a screw absent from the tip and a fold in the leather. Trigger needs to be manually reset, otherwise mechanically fine.
A very rare, probably unique set.    sold





























extremely rare 21-shot revolver by Eugène Lefaucheux, serial # 186687, 7mm pin fire, 6" double barrel with typical high front sight, cylinder inner row for 7 cartridge and outer row for 14, the hammer with 2 noses hitting either the outer or inner row, folding trigger, checkered grips with lanyard ring, mandatory Belgian proof stamp. With about 80% original bright blue remaining the revolver is in very good condition and in good working order. Works perfect in single and double action.
The revolver comes in a green inlaid show case, with some usage acceptable for one circa 150 years old, Very desirable    sold

Doctor's set


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