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Kynoch Gun Factory
øckel: Birmingham, Great Britain, circa 1885 - 1889, manager Henry A. Schlund, receives 1885 revolver patent, production in William Tranter's  old factory,


extremely rare Kynoch Gun Factory extended trigger revolver with stock and case
Serial # 73. caliber .476. A very rare and unusual British revolver with 6″ ribbed barrel, fixed sights, 6-shot fluted cylinder and checkered 1-piece checkered walnut grip with keyed brass insert for shoulder stock and a lanyard swivel in the butt cap. The top flat of the barrel is marked KYNOCH GUN FACTORY ASTON and top strap is marked PATENT MODEL. The Tranter factory in Birmingham was acquired by Kynoch upon William Tranter�s retirement, and managed for them by Harry Schlund, who was granted British patents # 9084 in 1885 and # 11900 in 1886 for safety revolvers with enclosed hammer and dual triggers, the lower for cocking the hammer, the upper to trip the sear and fire the weapon. This is an example of the first patent type with the cocking portion of the trigger below the guard. Only around 600 of both types in all calibers (.380, .450 and .476) were produced before the factory ceased production. This very early Schlund revolver has a checkered thumb latch at rear of the frame that releases the top strap to tip the barrel down for loading and unloading. Complete with matching numbered, bayonet fitting, wire shoulder stock measuring 11�" long. A holster, compartmentalized to hold revolver with a separate tube for the shoulder stock, has six cartridge loops and a flap closure. This holstered arrangement fills one compartment of a presentation case, lined with forest green felt, that has several other partitions, the next largest containing a brown belted ammo pouch. There is also an oiler, an ebony handled cleaning rod measuring 10
″ and a locking key. The mahogany case has reinforcing brass screws and an brass disk in the lid with sharp checkering and scattered minor dings. No cracks or chips. Perfectly inletted brass plate and back strap for keyed shoulder stock that is in the same condition as the revolver. The holster is in fine condition with crazing but little staining. The same holds true for the belted ammo pouch. Excellent condition cleaning rod. The lid of case has a prominent crack and numerous scuffs and dents but remains solid and may be locked with the enclosed key. The escutcheon inscribed with Farsi/Arabic markings. Provenance: Collection of Dr. Geoffrey Sturgess.
An extremely unusual Schlund, in the big caliber, with the most desirable original case and accessories!


self-extracting revolver, caliber .430, 6" ribbed barrel with fixed front sight and company name and PATENT MODEL. Double trigger reminiscent of Tranter's patent  trigger.  Caliber name on left of frame. # 44 on rear of cylinder. With circa 80% original blue in fine condition and perfect function.
The revolver comes in the original factory case with cleaning rod and oil can. Inside the lid the KYNOCH label. The lining is frayed. A very desirable set!     $12,500.



break open + tip-down


break-open + eject


barrel rib inscription


caliber on left side of frame



a big self-extracting revolver, cal. .476, 6" ribbed barrel with fixed front sight and company name. The double trigger reminds of Tranter's patent  trigger.  Perfect function.  sold