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StÝckel: Sjaelland, Denmark, since 1580































Danish - Norwegian, an early cavalry flintlock pistol like the Prussian model of 1742, 13" round barrel with fixed front sight, cal. .70 not rifled as common in the time, full stocked, brass butt cap, trigger guard, counter-lock-plate, front of stock and the holders for the iron loading stock. The stock is ebonized = painted black, which I was told is common for the model. The breach shows number 47 and W, the butt with the number 49, the counter-lock-plate and the barrel the number 42. On the barrel are additional stamps like a K Kronborg In the wood in front of the trigger guard are the letters HOEL carved, additional ICS.
An interesting cavalry pistol in fine condition    sold / for information


Hello Horst
Today I saw that you have bought a Danish Pistol. This model I have a lot of experience in. The (a bit) faint mark on top of the chamber (in front of the tang) is a stamp with 7 inscribed in a C, under a Crown, which means: Christian the 7, he ruled from 1766 to 1806 Denmark and Norway. This mark tells made in Kronborg. The HOEL tells that it has been used in Norway, they used to carve the military markings. On left side of chamber is an other military marking, (K) cavalry or something like that. It is difficult to see for me on the photo, but inside/between the v spring for the battery lock, there is as good as
always a small stamp which tells the name of the locksmith, some of them I have the name of. M 1772 made from 1772 till 1779, in black painted beech. 1785-1789 made in brown beech. Total made 10100 pieces.


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