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L. KOLB à BERLIN 1850s,









































a fine Pair of Percussion Pistols by L. Kolb of Berlin,

caliber .49 percussion, 8" octagon barrels with excellent micro groove rifled bores and subtle swamped muzzles. These pistols are of very nice quality and are marked on the top flats of barrels "L. KOLB à BERLIN" and the locks are marked "L. KOLB" on one and "à BERLIN" on the other. The barrels are double gold banded at breech and muzzle and are nicely engraved with shell patterns at breech, with nice scroll on tang. The locks are engraved in floral scroll as are the hammers; the bolsters are equipped with platinum blow out plugs. The single spur trigger guards are engraved with stands of arms with pineapple finials. The pistols feature set triggers, small side plates and small engraved iron butt caps which are numbered "1" and "2". The condition of the pistols is quite nice with the barrels showing a pleasing mix of original brown and patina with subtle twist pattern visible their entire lengths. The locks show a nice mix of faded case-hardened finish and gray patina. Metal surfaces are generally very smooth and free of pitting. The walnut stocks have horn tips and finely checkered grips. The condition of the stocks is excellent with 95% original finish remaining, sharp edges and just very light handling marks. The left sides of the stock inlets at the barrel breeches have a simple but very tasteful carved "wave" type motif; just a little something that didn't need to be done but adds character. The backs of the grips each have a rectangular escutcheon which is engraved with a crest. The wedge escutcheons are of German silver as are the front sights. The rear sights are notch sights but they to be elevation adjustable as there is recessed square adjustment screw.
A very nice set of German pistols.     $5,000.


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