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KKP  Kaiserlich und Königlich Priviligierte Maschinenfabrik Innsbruck.

1849, a licensed copy of the Colt Dragoon.
circa 1,000 for the Austrian Navy marked K. K. P., Innsbruck,
circa    100 for the Civilian market, sold by Johann Peterlongo and F. Jester, Innsbruck.

until end of WWI / 1918 Austria owned a Kriegsmarine stationed in Trieste, after the war the city was annexed by Italy.
Additional Information please see Sutherland, The Book of Colt Firearms, page 143,
Marcott & Paxton, Colt Breveté Revolvers,






an engraved Austrian made licensed copy of Colt percussion revolver  produced by KKP from 1849-1854, serial # 600. Only 1,000 pieces issued to the Imperial Austrian Kriegs-Marine, then stationed in Trieste / Trieste, which before the end of World War I was part of Austria. Civilian and engraved specimens are scarce because only 100 made. Scroll coverage, as this revolver features, is not found on the revolvers issued to the Imperial Navy. This particular revolver features
F. JESTER on the right and  INNSBRUCK on the left side of the frame. Scroll engraved with punch dot background frame, flat sides of the loading lever, iron back strap and trigger guard, barrel lug and cylinder with rope-like front and rear borders. Half octagon barrel with leaf engraved
inch section of the rear portion of the rounded part. Blade front and notch rear sights on the barrel and fitted with a long slender smooth one-piece grip. Complete with green felt lined wooden case with decorative line edge border on the lid with an ornamental center decoration. The case contains the following an odd shaped and original brass powder flask,  a brass percussion cap container with caps, a brass bullet container with rounds.  a nipple wrench, a bullet mold and a cleaning rod.
Fine with the barrel retaining approximately 50% of the original blue finish mixed with a smooth silver patina and some pinprick pitting near the muzzle. The rest of the metal surfaces exhibit a smooth silver patina mixed with a mottled silver patina on the grip straps and underside of the frame. There is some pinprick pitting on the right recoil shield. The grips are very fine with a few moderate pressure dents and some minor handling marks. The markings and engraving are clear and crisp. The case is good with some minor handling marks. There is a 4
inch long crack on the lid and a 7 inch long crack that wraps around a lid corner with slight wood separation. The accessories are very good with a moderate dent in the bullet container. Additional Information please see Sutherland, The Book of Colt Firearms, page 143. The set pictures there I owned for some time and before emigrating I sold it to an Austrian collector.
According to the seller from the Will Hoffeld collection, purchased from John Dron Jr. in Dec. 1962 including the old offer.
The rare and complete set!    $10,000.

K.K.P. made revolver for the Austrian Navy, serial # 220, caliber .36 percussion, 5¼" barrel.
The firm K.K.P. = Kaiserliche - Königliche Privilegierte of Innsbruck, Austria, was licensed in 1849 for a five year period to produce copies of Colt's revolvers and long guns. Only a thousand revolvers and a small number of the latter have been produced per Sutherland on page 143 of "The Book of Colt Firearms" which also pictures and discusses of a similar revolver by the same firm. K.K.P. initially produced copies of the First Model Dragoons but opted to modify the design which resulted in this interesting revolver that has both Dragoon and Navy Model features along with unique K.K.P. deviations and was designed to be used by the Austrian military. The Ordnance Board's report stated that this design was "a perfectly practical weapon and specially recommended as an officer's arm." They were manufactured for the Imperial Austrian Navy when prior to the government opting to purchase Model 1851 Navy revolvers directly from Colt. It is marked "K.K.P. RV: MASCHIN FABR:/INNSBRUCK" on the lower left side of the frame and "PATENT 1849" on the left side. This revolver was made early in production and features a semi-square back trigger guard. Later models had a trigger guard with an oval contour, and the grip was lengthened. The rear sides of the frame are engraved with a floral scroll design. There is a geometric design on the front edge of the frame. The rear of the cylinder and each side of the back strap have a fan style design. The serial number is stamped on the butt. The assembly number "4" is marked on the wedge, back of the barrel lug, the loading lever, the bottom of the frame under the cylinder, and on the front face of the cylinder. The barrel and back strap were blued, and the remaining parts were casehardened. It is fitted with a smooth one piece walnut grip with a varnished finish and the upper left side hand marked "R Jordan" in script.
Very fine example of a rarely seen licensed Austrian copy of a Colt percussion revolver. In good working order    $7,750.

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