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JOHNSON model 1836 flintlock pistol for the US Government,


U.S.  and inspected E.B. = Edmund Byrne

two army cartouches

swivel ramrod  

JOHNSON  Model 1836 Flintlock Pistol by Robert Johnson made for the US Government, caliber .54 smoothbore, 8½" round barrel with fixed front sight and rear sight on tang. Has iron furniture, back strap and butt cap. Marked U.S. R. Johnson Middnconn dated 1839 on lock, and standard proof U.S. Government markings barrel. This flintlock is in original condition with a deep blue brown patina on the lock, the barrel, trigger guard, back strap and butt cap are clean with only a little corrosion at the on the barrel,  not buffed or tampered with.  Under the barrel is the swivel ramrod. The wood is very fine, clean with no significant dents, dings or age cracks. Stock is not missing any wood and has two original military inspectors cartouches clear and sharp

MPL = Mann Pag Lomax 1837 - 1843
JH = Jos, Hannis 1838

Overall fine condition and in good working order. See Flayderman's 6A-030: last government made flintlock and standard issue during the Mexican War. estimated quantity 20,000 but many were during the 1850s converted to percussion and saw use during the Civil War.        $2,250.         

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