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Støckel: in Bourges, Cher, France, circa 1845 - 1855,





system open

firing mechanism pulled backwards

ready for loading

cocked, ready to pull the trigger


a highly decorated all metal pistol marked L. JOALLAND et Cie bte S. G. D. G. on top flat. Caliber circa .40 / 10mm for paper cartridge, 4¾" barrel with ring for front sight. The trigger mechanism swings out to the right, and one can pull it backwards, opening the chamber for inserting the cartridge (bigger than Dreyse's needle fire) After loading the system is pushed frontwards and the firing mechanism stays back. When pulling the trigger the system will snap frontwards and hit the cartridge. According to the following French information the pistol was a failure:
PISTOLET A AIGUILLE SYSTEME JOALLAND POUR CARTOUCHE PAPIER. Canon rond acier nickelé, boîte de culasse à pans avec hausse et guidon marqué L. JOALLAND et Cie bte S. G. D. G. Culasse rotative avec percuteur à aiguille. Crosse métallique décorée dans le style renaissance de griffons d'animaux fantastiques et de rinceaux. (défaut mécanique).Vers 1850. Joalland, arquebusier à Bourges vers 1855

translated: Needle Fire System Joalland. paper cartridge  nickel steel round barrel, breech- framed with higher handlebars and marked L. Joalland bte et Cie. Bte. S. G. D. G.  Rotating bolt with firing pin needle. Handle metal decorated in the Renaissance griffins of fantastic animals and foliage. (mechanical failure). Towards1850. Joalland, gunsmith in Bourges to 1855. A similar pistol is exhibited in the NRA Museum.

An early and desirable French pistol in good working order and fine condition   $4,500.

Bréveté "bte. S.G.D.G." stands for without government guarantee, was in France a legal notice releasing the State from any liability on the proper functioning of effective panted device. This reference was established by the law of 1844 which states that patents are granted "without screening, at the risk of applicants, and without warranty or of reality, novelty or merit of the invention, either fidelity or accuracy of the description. It has disappeared in 1968."

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