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HILL'S Patent 1878
StÝckel: William James Hill, Birmingham 1860 - 1897, additional also in London, since 1860 "gun, rifle, pistol and revolver producer"


proof stamp






A. Fagnus patent 1867, LiŤge, Belgium


HILL LONDON, very rare 9mm pinfire revolver where the 7-shot cylinder is chained to the frame (A. Fagnus patent, 1867 with copy of drawing) No. 77714 and 2197 on right side of bridge, 6" round barrel with typical high front sight for pinfire revolvers, notched rear sight on breech, Birmiingham proofs underneath. To remove the cylinder one has to push the bar under the barrel. This bar is also used as ejector. The revolver retains 70% of its original bright blue with crisp checkered grips. It is in good working order and in fine condition.
Unique British design and certainly very rare.    $1,500.







British Patent 1878 #3645

a very uncommon self-ejecting revolver, 6" seven-sided barrel with dovetail front sight and on the right side the inscription HILL'S PATENT SELF EXTRACTOR. The caliber is circa .450, about 80% nickel plating remaining showing acceptable wear, checkered grips, lanyard ring. Literature Taylerson's The Revolver 1865 - 1888, pages 183 + 217, unmarked specimen pictured on plate 57
In good working order and NRA fine condition

from a Museums-Collection with tag 729















H. R. H. = His Royal Highness 
who was King Edward from 1901 - 1910,
the eldest son of Queen Victoria



HILLS PATENT SELF EXTRACTOR revolver, British Patent 1878 # 364, caliber .450. The above marking on one side the 5⅞" barrel together with a fixed front sight. After pushing a button in front of the trigger guard one can tip up the barrel and the distinct levers on both sides eject the shells. Under the barrel is a unit stamp WR 1739. The typical engraved metal was probably kept in the white, and  now it is brownish,  with checkered grips and lanyard ring.  William Clark, StÝckel: Birmingham 1865 - 1900,  mandatory Birmingham proof stamps, The revolver is  showing reasonable wear which is common for a military used side arms.
The function is perfect, the condition fine.    


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