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Støckel: HDH. = Henrion, Dassy, Heuschen,
Liège, Belgium, 1893 - 1910 revolver producer


















H.D.H. sold in Germany by
Niemeyer & Co.













H. D. H. Li�ge, Belgium, made 20-shot revolver with mandatory ELG proof, no visible serial number, cal. 6.35mm = .25 ACP sold through the German mail order house  NICO WERKE Niemeyer & Co. Kreiensen (smaller but similar the U.S. Bannermann)  The revolver is nickel plated, and there are some parts peeled off. The checkered grips show some use, and the grip escutcheons carry the trade name WILD WEST. The function works in single and double action perfect. The over/under barrels shoot alternatively. With circa 80% plating remaining, the very rare revolver is in fine condition.            $6,000.


















Belgian proof stamps
caliber 6.35mm

HDH revolver, besides # 1 no other visible number, caliber 6.35mm = .25ACP. Two superposed barrels, 4⅝" long with fixed sight. On left side is a button, after pushing barrel and cylinder can be tipped up for loading. Single and double action. While most of the bright bluing remains, there are a few spots with minor pitting. The back of the cylinder still shows some of the fire-blue. Checkered grips and lanyard ring.
The cylinder has two rows each for 10 cartridges, which are staggered. The hammer has two separate firing pins. While one hits a cartridge in one ring, the other falls on an empty space in the second ring. After mowing the cylinder 18 degrees the other pin hits a cartridge, and the first goes empty. Please see Winant's Firearms Curiosa.
The revolver in this condition is very rare.    sold

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