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Guycot, also Guenot, also Gay & Guycot
Firearms Curiosa by Lewis Winant, pages 206 + 207
book: Le "Qui est qui": inventor between 1870 and 1880, mentioned Gay and Guycot
Støckel: Henri Guenot, Paris 1879, representative for the weapons of Paulin Gay +
Paulin Gay, Paris, inventor of multishot firearms using a chain. Receives together with Guenot a patent in London.
Run Report Magazine June 2007
Texas Gun Colleors Magazine, 1955, issue # 62: see below

chain pistol for 25 cartridges 6.5mm

loading gate open, also functions as rear sight

A 61

the push safety

safety from the inside

This is a rare 25 shot Guycot chain pistol chambered in 6.5mm cartridge similar to the Volcanic cartridge. The frame houses a chain which holds 25 chambers for center fire cartridges The belt is revolved until a chamber faces the barrel. At the same time a long firing pin is retracted. An inner barrel is drawn back through the heavy outer barrel until it covers the bullet end of the cartridge. When the long drag on the trigger end, the final pressure releases the needle like firing pin, which drives through a small opening in the base of the cup detonating the cartridge primer. The pistol fires a lead conical bullet which is hollowed out to accommodate the powder. The pistol can be fired as fast as the user can pull the trigger. The top of the frame has a bead front sight and on the breech a notch rear sight which is also the loading gate. It has a folding trigger and sliding safety mounted on the left side of the frame. he metal surfaces have a gray patina and spots of discoloration. The grips is very good with most of the original finish, some wear on the lower edges and a few scattered minor dings and dents. On the but is the # A 61. Mechanically functions fine. Very rare!     $16,500.
The pistol is stored in a home made show case, and the left side has been removed to show the chain. The opening is covered with a look through cover.

Texas Gun Colleors Magazine, 1955, issue # 62:

J. H. added: I don't have a picture of an actual specimen but I have an illustration from the British patent.



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