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Leopold GASSER, Wien / Vienna
Ýckel: 1836 - 1871, constructed in 1869 the Gasser revolver which was widely used in the Austrian army as model 1870. After his dead the company was taken over by his brother and later became Rast & Gasser,



grip safety
















L. GASSER PATENT with grip safety

Tambour patent grip safety,
proof protocol 1143.01

L. GASSER PATENT WIEN with grip safety, revolver, looks in the first moment like the common RAST & GASSER model 1898 Austrian army revolver.  This one with serial # 10499, cal. 8mm Gasser, has an additional grip safety, according to Joschi Schuy’s book GASSER REVOLVER, page 248 - 249, by Joseph Tambour, Wien, patent letter 9360. This is a scarce variation and according to Joschi Schuy there are only 4 pieces known. Excellent+ condition       sold




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