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GALLYON & Sons, 66 Bridge St. Cambridge,
Stockel: 1810 - 1869, at 66 Bridge St. 1868 - 1869,


W. GALLYON. 66 BRIDGE ST. CAMBRIDGE, Birmingham proof stamps



a .450 fits perfect



a .450 self-extracting

Webley style self extracting ENGLISH BULLDOG, caliber .450,

by W. GALLYON , CAMBRIDGE, gun maker and retailer. This is a rare variation English big bore Bulldog!! This is a classic 1880s Bulldog revolver but with rare Pryce influenced top-break self extracting feature in caliber .450. The  revolver also has original and beautiful English "Banknote" style  engraving and is polished bright with nice original checkered walnut grips. It is very well marked in large hand done script on the 3⅛"  ribbed barrel with retailer/maker engraving on top.  The revolver is in good working order and fine condition.     $1,550.

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