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Gabion Š St. Etienne
StÝckel: circa 1850 -1880, 











set / adjustable trigger











overall length circa 20"


plaque on lid


from the period 1850 - 1860 a pair of target pistols made by Gabion Š St. Etienne, no serial numbers, caliber .67 percussion, 13" octagonal Damascus barrel with fixed front sight and a rear sight on breech, the lock is marked Gabion Š St. Etienne, together with hammer and trigger guard nicely engraved, half stocked, the grip is channeled typical for the period, a massive butt cap. A mighty pair in good working order and excellent condition.
The pair are in the correct case. The silver lid is marked. The outside of the case shows minor wear, the inside was red lined, but the partitions are missing.
An impressive pair!     $6,200.


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